Update at ChristianSpeak.net

Well we’ve had some speakers update their information and a new speaker join our list at ChristianSpeak.net.  Welcome Aaron Garth!

I encourage you to check your listing periodically and let me know if it needs updating. The site is not a CMS site so you cannot login to make the changes but you can just send them to me and I’ll update it for you.  Please remember I do this as an offering to the Christian speaker’s community in Australia so I might not always get onto the changes on the very day they are sent, but they will be done.

If you’ve had a speaking engagement as a result of your listing at this site, why not share it with the rest of us? We’d love to hear about it.  And if you know of any organisation seeking speakers, then please do encourage them to visit our site.

I am receiving mail for some of you at my post office box. This is because people who find you on our site do not read the instructions to find that they need to click through to your own sites for contact details, rather than send to our office. If you find you have received re-addressed mail from our office, please do advise the senders of your correct address details.

Have a great Christmas everyone and I look forward to hearing about your speaking successes in the new year.

Bless you, Kathie

Announcing… Worth More Than Rubies

Kathie M. Thomas, Author and Speaker will be launching her new book ‘Worth More Than Rubies: The Value of a Work At Home Mum’ in September 2007.

The book is a devotional study of the modern day Proverbs 31 Woman and the lessons she has applied into her own life, bringing up a family of 5 daughters while running a full time and busy business from her home office.

For details regarding the launch and availability of the book, please visit her site at www.worth-more-than-rubies.com.

Comedy, Comedy and Music!

Well, we’ve had a number of comedians list at ChristianSpeak.net. So, if you’re looking for some comedy relief that has a powerful message for your event, you better come visit our site for information in the Entertainers section!

Newly listed are:

Lou Kelman from Big Purple Undies, reportedly Australia’s only female Christian comedian! Lou gets lots of gigs overseas but it would be good to hear of more in Australia. And don’t worry, her show is so safe, you could take your grandmother to it! She has sample clips on her website. Lou lives in WA.

Dallas Atkins from Gospelodemy who has a cabaret style show suitable for family members of all ages. Dallas lives in ACT.

We also have a new Pastor listing, who is also a musician. Steve Morrison based in NSW.
Ps Steve used to be a professional musician and often uses music to open the doors to the Gospel.

We now have over 45 listings at ChristianSpeak.net and you are sure to find someone just right for your conference, seminar, church service or special event around Australia.

Please remember that you need to contact these people direct – there are links to their websites from their individual pages and/or phone numbers listed. ChristianSpeak.net does not organise bookings and we provide these listings as a service to the Christian community.

New Listings at ChristianSpeak.net

We have two new listings at ChristianSpeak.net! Steve Morrison who is both a Pastor and a Musician and our first female comedian, Lou Kelman, with a show called Big Purple Undies. You have to see her YouTube clip on her website – short clip that definitely produces some laughter.

It is really good to see the variety of speakers, entertainers and Pastors on our site, amongst others, and I know that bookings are definitely being placed, based on the emails, phone calls, and snail mail I get from people who think they’re contacting our people direct! I have to point them back to the main website for the correct contact details on each individual page where it is also clearly marked that our office is not the booking office for each person listed :-( So, if you find you get redirected snail mail or email it’s because I’ve forwarded it on!

I’m also pleased to report that I have been booked for the Christian Business Women’s Conference in Brisbane later this year and look forward to speaking to the women there about the Proverbs 31 Woman – a topic close to my heart!

Please do forward this message on to any you feel would be interested in our website, particularly if they’re looking to book a Christian presenter for their upcoming event in Australia. KMT

A Message From One of Our Speakers

Mark Gladman’s Comedy Update – April 2007

Hello world!

It has been an amazing start to 2007. If you had told me what would be happening, I woul dnot have believed you!

Through an amazing array of events, I have found myself back in my old hometown of Toowoomba, working with St. Luke’s Anglican Parish as their new Youth and Families Minister. While there is still a bit to be done before we will have settled back into life and work in Toowoomba (including another house move which we have been looking forward to as much as you look forward to having teeth pulled), we are getting there.

The big questions everyone asks though is:


Well, here’s what is in the works for now:

1. They say bad/weird/stupid etc for your life the better for your comedy set and for your writing. They could not have been more right!! I am getting some fantastic new material. Whether that’s a change of scenery, or just because Toowoomba is so funny, I don’t care!!

2. Being close to Brisbane, I still intend to get down there and do some shows every now and then. I will still be doing shows for Contagious Comedy Club as their house MC, some new rooms have recently opened up in Ipswich too, and every now and then Sit Down Comedy Clubs brings an act through, so doing shows with these show producers will still continue. I also have been booked into some conferences in 2007, including a youth ministers conference in Woolongong in June; the inaugural National Youth Ministers Convention in September; Blackstump in the NSW Labour Day long weekend; and RealMen Conference in Mackay in November.

3. Having said that, I am in the process of developing a comedy room here in Toowoomba. I have some great support so far from potential rooms in cafe’s and pubs; and I intend to soon launch the first round of Comedy Workshops to develop some comedy talent in the city. I have also been approached by a few schools, community groups and institutions to offer stand-up workshops and classes, so within a year or so, I am hoping we will have the beginning of a comedy scene here, which would be great.

In the meantime, I have a couple of shows coming up:

APRIL 12: Hotel Metropole, Ipswich. I will be MCing and there are 6 comedians on the bill. Show starts at 7.30pm.

APRIL 29: Heritage City Community Church, Ipswich. Show starts at 6.30pm.

MAY 18: Contagious Comedy Club, Brisbane (and possibly Australia’s) only 100% clean comedy club, Northlakes Golf Club, Mango Hill, Brisbane. I will be MCing the show, with headliner Jenny Wynter and a support act yet to be confirmed. Updated info and links for ticket sales will be available soon at www.contagiouscomedy.net

In the meantime, please be praying as we look to set up our first local comedy show within the next 4 months or so.

Oh, and Mark Gladman: Live and Contagious my debut comedy CD is still available for $10 + $2.50 postage. To order, drop me aline at thegladman@gmail.com and we will get it all underway.

Thank you for your continued support. Between newsletters, keep your eyes out for new gigs by checking out the gig guide on my myspace site – www.myspace.com/markgladman

Cheers and Peace,

Mark G